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Pledge - 1.2M ADA 
Variable Fee - 0.5%
Performance - 100%

Ticker: FORT


Pool ID:  7fe4d9c44e85fcc958c9d2d547d551fd004a9fc63c60bf6cfda46461


We are Alice and Bob, your Fortune Pool operators. We’ve been following the progress of Cardano project since late 2017, and participated in various testnets in the past. We believe in Cardano’s future and would like to support the network by running a stake pool.

We chose to setup up our pool with a relatively high amount of pledge, so as to maximise the amount of staking rewards for you, as well as show you our commitment to achieve and maintain highest performance for our pool.  Our pool fees will go towards maintaining and securing the nodes in different locations around the world and on various types of setups (bare-metal servers and on reliable cloud infrastructure).

Shot of a Working Data Center With Rows
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Currently we use 12 relays in Asia, Europe and North America, as well as a number of hidden relays.  Having relays in multiple locations allows Fortune Pool (FORT) to maximise connectivity of our block producing nodes to the rest of the network and ensure that each produced block propagates throughout the network at the highest speed possible. We use a combination of premium cloud based servers (which enhanced connectivity of our relays and block producers) as well as bare metal backup servers.
We monitor our block producer and relays 24/7, and when necessary, we make adjustments to ensure optimum performance and connectivity.

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Fortune Pool ADA

To see the latest list of relays go to the Fortune Pool page on

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More machines
We strive to achieve the highest uptime possible for all our servers. In the future we plan to deploy even more active relays in the cloud and on bare-metal, as well as have more backup block producing servers.

To ensure we can continue to cover the costs of maintaining all the infrastructure for the pool at the highest level, in the future we may increase the variable pool fee, dependent on the amount of ada delegated to the pool. However, we will never increase the variable rate by more than 0.3% per epoch. Currently we are charging the very low fee of 0.5%, which means that you will get 99.5% of the staking rewards when staking your ada with FORT.

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Why delegate to FORT?

Just like you, we believe in the future with decentralised applications and a more open  financial system. By staking with FORT you are going to do your bit to bring this future into existence while getting a higher ROI (staking rewards) when staking your ada with our pool.  

FORT is committed – 1,200,000 ADA  pledged

Our pledge of 1,200,000 ADA is our commitment to the Cardano ecosystem.  We purchased this ADA with our own money and made sacrifices to accumulate this amount over a 2.5 year period.

While 1,200,000 ADA is a very modest sum relative to  a whale-sponsored pool, it’s a very high investment for people of average means. We are doing this because we believe in what Cardano can do and we are committed to be a staking pool of choice.

This pledge of 1,200,000 ada ensures our pool can earn a higher rate of staking rewards for you, from every ada that you choose to delegate to our pool.


When you research which pool to delegate your ADA to, checking pool’s performance on the mainnet (since epoch 211) is just as important as looking at the total pool cost and pool pledge.

FORT has been consistently minting blocks from the very first epoch after registering the pool.

To see the latest performance metrics for Fortune Pool go to the pool page on

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